HR Excellence in Research

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports research institutions in implementing the Charter and the Code of Conduct.
The Charter consists of 40 principles. These principles relate to Ethical principles, Recruitment, Terms and conditions of employment and Career development. Research institutions and universities that subscribe to these principles can obtain the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo. 
Leiden University believes it is essential to provide its researchers with an optimal research environment and regards the HR logo as a step in a process of continuous improvement in this area. For this reason, the University has applied to the European Commission and since March 2015 is allowed to use the HRS4R logo. Prior to this step, we carried out an internal analysis, involving various researchers from the Netherlands and abroad. This analysis revealed that Leiden University already meets many of the principles. An action plan has been formulated for the topics that still require improvement. 

For the purpose of the HRS4R logo an 2017 an internal audit was carried out to of the HR policy of Leiden university. It turned out that major improvements have been made on the point of support for international staff, career policy for academics and diversity policy. But nevertheless there are still points that have to be realized. An adjusted actionplan has to be executed in the near future. In 2020 an external audit will take place.

Last Modified: 14-07-2017