Testimonials from our staff

Miranda van Eck, Professor Cardiovascular and Metabolic Therapeutics

Miranda van Eck, does research on new medicines for heart and vascular diseases at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research of the Faculty of Science.

John Sabou, PhD candidate Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism

John Sabou is a PhD student at the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs in The Hague and does research on crisis information management.

Jesse Bruins, Coordinator ICT and education

Jesse Bruins is responsible for the utilisation and application of ICT in education at the Faculty of Social Science.

Asghar Seyed Gohrab, Associate professor Persian Studies

Asghar Seyed Gohrab does research at the Faculty of Humanities on Medieval concepts and how they are received in modern politics in Iran and, among other things, he contributes to the Diversity Steering Group.

Marie Soressi, Assistant professor Archeology, Human Origins (Tenure Track)

Marie Soressi teaches at the Faculty of Archeology and examines why we are the only human species on the planet.

Satya Autar, Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor

Satya Autar guides students in choosing the right degree programme and entering the job market.

Last Modified: 14-07-2017